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EXCLUSIVE: Actress and physicist Amber Doig-Thorne reveals the 'perfect' sci-fi movie
Photo: © ANP

EXCLUSIVE: Actress and physicist Amber Doig-Thorne reveals the 'perfect' sci-fi movie

EXCLUSIVE: Actress and physicist Amber Doig-Thorne reveals the 'perfect' sci-fi movie
Photo: © ANP

When it comes to Hollywood movies, they don't exactly fiercely adhere to the laws of science, especially in science-fiction movies.

Writers, directors and of course audience members turn a blind eye when it comes to sacrificing scientific accuracy in favour of entertainment. That isn't a criticism, of course, as some of the most entertaining movies of all time, such as Armageddon, have been savagely torn apart by scientists in the past.

It is tougher for some to turn a blind eye than others, such as those who have studied such subjects as theoretical physics.

Amber Doig-Thorne, one of the stars of Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey, has a BSc Degree in Theoretical Physics from University College London.

She sat down with MovieMeter to discuss how difficult it can be to bite her tongue when she sees blatant disregard for science, and what she believes is the most scientifically accurate movie ever.

"Whenever a film comes that that is sci-fi, it is difficult to get anyone to go to the cinema for me as they know they are going to get two hours of me saying 'um, that is not scientifically accurate, that doesn't happen, space is a vacuum - there's no sound, why are the actors screaming!'" she explained.

"My friends explain to me: 'Amber, there are dinosaurs in space' and I'm like 'I can deal with dinosaurs in space but I can't deal with noise in a vacuum!'

"As a scientist, it just frustrates me.

"Interstellar is the most scientifically accurate film I've ever seen. I specialise in cosmology and astrophysics. Watching that film made me so happy. When I watch a film and it is accurate, it just makes me so happy. I can enjoy it as an actor but also as a scientist."

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Amber Doig-Thorne the interviewer

Doig-Thorne isn't just a talented actress but also a talented interviewer in her own right, having had conversations with megastars like Emily Blunt, Henry Cavill, Helen Mirren, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Gabrielle Union, Thandiwe Newton, John Krasinski, Vanessa Kirby, Simon Pegg, Nina Dobrev, Rebecca Ferguson, Angela Basset, Dave Bautista, Claire Foy, Evan Peters, Robert Sheehan, Josh Brolin, Leslie Mann, John Cena, Linda Hamilton, Will Arnett, Christopher McQuarrie, Robert Rodriguez and even former US Vice President Al Gore.

There is one interview that was a real bucket list moment, though.

"For me, Arnold Schwarzenegger was a big hero of mine. Obviously from the movies first and foremost, but my mum is actually an ex-competitive bodybuilder so I grew up with Arnie's books around the house," the actress revealed.

"I just saw his books around the house and I always had an interest in science and biology and I would read his books sometimes.

"So, I don't just appreciate him as an actor, but I appreciate what he did with his body - he made bodybuilding what it is today.

"So, to me, interviewing Arnie was definitely one of the highlights of my life. My parents asked me, 'what are you going to do when you get married and you lie that it was the best day of your life, or are you going to tell the truth that it was of Arnie.'"

Doig-Thorne's favourite movie

It can be difficult to pick one's favourite movie of all time, but when pressed by MovieMeter to select just one, Doig-Thorne chose Christopher Nolan epic, The Prestige.

Here's why:

"I always find it so difficult to narrow down to one, but I would say The Prestige with Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale. Every time I watch it I notice something else about Bale's performance. 

"Titanic was the first film I saw that I felt such strong emotions. My parents explained to me what acting was. I was incredibly young but I was like 'yep, that is what I want to do with my life'."

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