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The Walking Dead (2010-2022)

11 seasons
3,73 3.235 votes

Alternative title: Walking Dead

State: Ended

Genre: Drama

Origin: United States

Developed by: Frank Darabont

Stars: Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln and Melissa McBride

IMDb score: 8,1 (1.086.819)

Releasedate: Sunday 31 October 2010

The Walking Dead plot

After waking from a coma, Sheriff's deputy Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) finds himself in a world overrun by zombies. He must battle to keep his friends and family safe not only against the undead, but an array of violent, ruthless humans, too.

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Opinions about The Walking Dead

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avatar of brawljeff


  • 682 votes
Sunday 27 December 2015
The Walking Dead season 1

This series has my all-time favorite pilot. I was sold right away. I even watched that episode in black and white. Perfect combination of atmosphere, drama, action and tension. Unfortunately, things go downhill after that for the series.

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avatar of umbra


  • 593 votes
Tuesday 3 August 2021
The Walking Dead season 1

Finally started watching this, after repeated advice from a good friend, we have a lot of the same taste in movies and series. But as contrarian I am, I rarely go into it directly. But they are not exaggerated, 1st season is already nice and cool, looks away very quickly. Apparently this is also the shortest season, the next ones go into the 20 episodes, hopefully of the same quality... or even better

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avatar of renzoroy


  • 979 votes
Sunday 10 July 2016
The Walking Dead season 6

I was cut off halfway through this season.. Is always the same.. Group of survivors look for and find a hiding place, they stay there for a while until the zombies break in, then 1 or 2 people die again, then the group flees again and then it happens the same again, only in a different setting and now and then some new characters added... Those zombies are no longer interesting either, come up with something new.. Let those zombies evolve or something, into a super zombie or do I know.. But after 6 seasons I did see those zombies.. This is another series that should have finished the story 2 seasons ago, then it would have been very good, but no, it should be milked out again until season 34 probably... which is fine if they would add some new elements...

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avatar of tommykonijn


  • 298 votes
Thursday 7 April 2022
The Walking Dead season 7

How slow this has become, say... The first episode is definitely not my thing. I know there are a lot of positive reports about it, but such 'torture porn' is just not for me. Then you have to watch Negan and his club reign supreme for an entire season. The zombies have now become real decor and I honestly wonder why this is still called The Walking Dead.

I don't really like Negan at all. Lots of endless monologues and interesting stuff. He finds it no problem at all to beat people to death at will, while letting someone like Carl, who walks into his property unsolicited and slaughters three of his men, go free. I like it It's also incredibly unbelievable that he can just keep going. Due to his endless chatter, Negan is simply not paying attention very often, which means that Rick and other characters could have killed him a dozen times. Why it's not happening? No idea, but I found it quite frustrating and eventually it just becomes tasteless to watch that intimidation game.

Why am I still watching? Purely because I've become familiar with most of the characters and I'm curious how they fare. In addition, I am also curious how this whole circus (and I am referring to the conflict with the Saviors) will come to an end. I don't know how long I can keep it up. Maybe the series will actually revive in a while, but due to the lengthy pace with which I watched this season, I can't give enough for this anymore.


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