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Şahmaran (2023)

1 season
3,25 4 votes

Alternative titles: Shahmaran / Sahmaran

State: In Production

Genre: Drama / Fantasy

Origin: Turkey

Developed by: Pınar Bulut

Stars: Serenay Sarıkaya, Burak Deniz and Mustafa Uğurlu

IMDb score: 5,1 (3.623)

Original language: Turks

Releasedate: Friday 20 January 2023

Şahmaran plot

Şahsu goes to the city of Adana as a teacher. She is determined to confront her grandfather, who left her mother behind years ago, there. However, on this journey she ends up in the middle of an unusual and mysterious community called Mar. These people are said to be descended from Shahmaran, a creature of local superstition. The Mar race believes in this legend, which is said to be a symbol of love and wisdom. These people are waiting for a historical prophecy to come true, which also foretold the arrival of Şahsu.


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