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Maigret (1960-1963)

4 seasons
4,79 7 votes

State: Ended

Genre: Drama

Origin: United Kingdom

Developed by: Andrew Osborn

Stars: Rupert Davies, Ewen Solon and Neville Jason

IMDb score: 7,9 (382)

Releasedate: Monday 31 October 1960

Maigret plot

Commissioner Maigret investigates murder cases in Paris. Maigret is a pipe smoker and radiates tranquility. He approaches cases with endless patience, trusts his intuition, checks off his list of suspects one by one, and even allows himself to wait for someone to make a mistake or confess. His assistants Lucas, Lapointe and Torrence support Maigret in solving the cases.

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avatar of Bobbejaantje


  • 66 votes
Tuesday 17 May 2022
Maigret season 1

I got to know this series thanks to [user=34742]Brix[/user], and I'm very happy about it. Before that I hadn't seen much Maigret on screen (I did read it) and it's very nice to start with a rendition praised by the master himself and by a connoisseur here on the forum. I really liked the first season thanks in the first place, of course, to the way Rupert Davies portrays the legendary commissioner. When I read Maigret in the future, I will gladly keep his interpretation in mind. There is good synergy with the other permanent members of the supervisory board. Together with Madame Maigret, they are the only ones who keep returning every episode. The guest actors are also doing well, not to mention the occasional overacting. The tone of the episodes is usually serious, although there is also room for a touch of humor, and I like that. It is no different in real life, even under the most serious circumstances.

The indoor scenes are interspersed with ... outdoor scenes (perhaps unsurprisingly) but also shot on location in Paris. Matter that the feeling is right in a British spoken series. That is a click that you ultimately have to make in your head as a viewer, the little bit of imagination that we are indeed in France.

It is remarkable - for a contemporary viewer - that this series did not gain a foothold in the USA and that the then perception of 'loose morals' in this series was one of those reasons. It's to be expected that the spirit of Simenon doesn't quite match the American puritans, but in fact what we get to see here in the series, and read in the books, is a bland decoction of the true Simenon

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avatar of Brix


  • 149 votes
Friday 11 February 2022
Maigret season 1

Excellent series, with (in my opinion) the best Maigret performer ever.
The text on the photo above is absolutely correct > "Rupert Davies is Maigret".
Maigret's spiritual father Georges Simenon also thought so.

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