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De Stille Kracht (1974)

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Show title: De Stille Kracht

IMDb score: 7,3 (132)

Episodes: 3

Playing time: 3 hour and 58 minutes

Developed by: René Solleveld, Walter van der Kamp and Hugo Heinen

Stars: Pleuni Touw, Willem Nijholt and Bob de Lange

Origin: Netherlands

Releasedate: Monday 9 September 1974

First aired on: Nederland 1 (Nederland)


This season is not available on US streaming services.


De Stille Kracht plot

The story is set at the end of the nineteenth century, and revolves around the cultural divide between East and West, in this case: Java and the Netherlands. The Dutch colonials are becoming aware that although they are nominal rulers of Java, the island also maintains its own natural order. That order is maintained by "the silent force" (the gonaguna) - a term that refers both to the unfathomable aspects of Eastern culture to Westerners and to a form of sorcery.

Episodes Season 1 (1974)

  1. Episode 1

    9 September 1974 (1 hour and 19 minutes)

  2. Episode 2

    16 September 1974 (1 hour and 19 minutes)

  3. Episode 3

    23 September 1974 (1 hour and 20 minutes)

Reviews & comments

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Roger Thornhill

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It is remarkable that no messages have been posted about this yet, while fifty years ago this was very controversial television, albeit mainly because of a "controversial" scene with a completely naked Pleuni Touw. Fortunately, that scene is no longer as sensational as it was then: what happens in that scene is actually much more shocking.

A year later, the same director made the television series after the same author Of old people, the things that pass, and in fact The silent force suffers from the same shortcomings, with very theatrical dialogues and performances, little accompanying atmospheric music, and above all recordings for which literally no foot was set outside the studio. While this was still functional in From old people because the entire story took place indoors (except for a single café terrace), this gives The silent power an almost deathly appearance : we see nothing at all of the beautiful nature that is so prevalent, the outside atmosphere is only suggested by a constant sound wall of cicadas or crickets plus a beo that occasionally shouts through the dialogues, and we hear that there is a threat of a Javanese uprising we only get out of the tense conversations instead of seeing sinister looks, ominous natives or sinister shadows ourselves.

The series survives because of the fascinating story, the strong performances of most of the actors (many of whom were allowed to appear again a year later) and the half-cynical, half-real narrative perspective of Ton Kuyl as the painter Paul van Hove, but the lack of " atmospheric" realism weighs heavily, as does the fact that there is no real climax, because after the sudden cessation of the inexplicable events and the corresponding lack of the uprising the story moves rather quickly and unsatisfactorily rounded. Regrettably.

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