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Fool Me Once - Season 1 (2024)

3,14 138 votes

Show title: Fool Me Once

IMDb score: 6,8 (54.055)

Episodes: 8

Playing time: 6 hour and 20 minutes

Developed by: Harlan Coben

Stars: Michelle Keegan, Adeel Akhtar and Richard Armitage

Origin: United Kingdom / United States

Releasedate: Monday 1 January 2024

First aired on: Netflix (Nederland)

Fool Me Once plot

Maya Stern tries to come to terms with the brutal murder of her husband Joe. But when Maya installs a babysitting camera to keep an eye on her young daughter, she is shocked to see a man she recognizes in her home. Her husband, who she thought was dead. Detective Sergeant Sami Kierce leads the murder investigation into Joe's death, while struggling with his own secrets. Meanwhile, Maya's niece and nephew, Abby and Daniel, try to uncover the truth about their mother's murder several months earlier. Are the two cases linked?

Episodes Season 1 (2024)

  1. Episode 1

    1 January 2024 (55 minutes)

  2. Episode 2

    1 January 2024 (45 minutes)

  3. Episode 3

    1 January 2024 (40 minutes)

  4. Episode 4

    1 January 2024 (50 minutes)

  5. Episode 5

    1 January 2024 (54 minutes)

  6. Episode 6

    1 January 2024 (51 minutes)

  7. Episode 7

    1 January 2024 (50 minutes)

  8. Episode 8

    1 January 2024 (35 minutes)

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Sami Kierce

Judith Burkett

Shane Tessier

Marty McGreggor

Eddie Walker

Caroline Burkett

Abby Walker

Daniel Walker

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avatar van Firecrest


  • 93 messages
  • 109 votes

I had a great time with this original and exciting series with a nice cast. The story and acting are excellent, and the pieces of the puzzle fall together at the right pace, and with a satisfying and surprising denouement! Recommended!

dutch flagTranslated from Dutch · View original

avatar van Mr. Rock

Mr. Rock

  • 175 messages
  • 386 votes

I had already read the book a few years ago and recognized many things in the series, although there were also things that were different. The similarity is that it is all rather flat and cheap.

Coben stands for completely unbelievable, far-fetched, but easily digestible thrillers. The series is basically exactly that. The setting has been moved from America to England, but it all still feels very American. The love for firearms has been indiscriminately copied to England and this cast can also compete with their American colleagues in terms of overacting.

I won't start here about plot holes and loose ends, it will keep us busy for a while. But the whole thing looks amateurish and messy. Attention to detail is hard to find. It looks nice, you want to know what's going on, but that's all this series has to offer. The cast is very mediocre, more characters than fully developed characters. Sideplots also quite useless and uninteresting.

There's nothing wrong with a little silly entertainment from time to time, but we shouldn't pretend that this means anything.

dutch flagTranslated from Dutch · View original

avatar van Corcicus


  • 2586 messages
  • 3597 votes

The series lost me completely early on in the story. I am of course talking about the downright shocking scene in which Maya Stern strikes mercilessly on the football field and completely unprovoked pulls down the coach's pants. This is all staged very lightly, as if Maya is right here. Degoutant. She doesn't agree with his coaching style, so she exposes him in front of dozens of children. Bravo, you go girl. This is obviously a very serious crime that we would never tolerate in reverse - a man ripping the clothes off a woman because she disrespects him. Immediately, any sympathy that could possibly have been developed for the character disappeared, never to return.

Apart from that, the series is also not good. Some bimbo who has to pass for a tough army captain here, give me a break. B-actors and unrealistic storylines do the rest.

dutch flagTranslated from Dutch · View original


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