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Slither (2006)

Horror | 95 minutes
2,83 1.269 votes

Genre: Horror / Comedy

Duration: 95 minuten

Country: Canada / United States

Directed by: James Gunn

Stars: Nathan Fillion, Elizabeth Banks and Michael Rooker

IMDb score: 6,5 (88.351)

Releasedate: 31 March 2006

Slither plot

"Horror has a new face."

An alien plague has gripped the rural town of Wheelsy. Slimy worms invade the bodies of the inhabitants, who promptly turn into bloodthirsty and flesh-eating zombies and gigantic mutated monsters. A small group of survivors, including the sheriff, his ex-girlfriend, the mayor and a sixteen-year-old girl, try to stop the alien invasion, but first they have to flee the town.

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avatar van Fisico

Fisico (moderator films)

  • 8149 messages
  • 4623 votes

A horror that isn't actually a horror. Rather comical, but there too I missed the mark with idiotic misplaced one-liners. Even with the worms and worms invading the still living cast remained very calm under the facts. It looks like a typical eighties horror movie to me. Great to see a split body again!

The film is also too unbalanced to be good. The lead-up is too long and the ending is too fleeting, as is so often the case. The characters are also very uninteresting. The effects weren't bad either, especially not from the popping girlfriend or Grant's mutation. Elizabeth Banks was allowed to be there in her vintage look.

Ah, always nice to see something like this, good sense at zero, a bit of support for the monsters, fun entertainment, that meat mania: great, but not more than that.

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avatar van Lovelyboy


  • 3052 messages
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That looks like something that fell of my dick during the war!

Also a gamble at the thrift shop looking for some zombie/horror/slasher entertainment. And although not a very high grade average, this James Gunn Slither was very much appreciated. The question beforehand was a bit whether this would be horror horror or comedy horror, something that quickly gets an answer during the opening with the two agents in the car.

This is horror comedy, and quite fun too. Is it cliche? Yes quite. Is it bland? Sometimes too. Is it easy? Yes, here and there too. Does that matter? Not me. We have the typical dormitory town, with its typical inhabitants, the blue sheriff in this case with his ex girlfriend and the necessary eye candy, and the expected fight for survival. No standard zombies in this case, but a scary alien worm in this case that forms the basis of all misery.

Fillion may not be the strongest choice for the role of the sheriff, then it must be said that the so-called core of the synopsis comes off very late with the so-called struggle for survival that only comes out in the last half hour and then much too much. ends soon. Opposite this is a fine Rooker, fine eye candy with Banks and Saulnier, and Gregg Henry nice as mayor. The Gore and many kills are also nice as are the many one-liners and some nice scenes where humor and filth alternate.

For me, Slither is therefore an extremely tasty and humorous film that has the only real downside, the length, when the misery has really erupted the film ends too quickly. Nevertheless, Slither is an extremely entertaining film.

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