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Hell Fest (2018)

Horror | 89 minutes
2,70 363 votes

Genre: Horror

Duration: 89 minuten

Country: United States

Directed by: Gregory Plotkin

Stars: Amy Forsyth, Reign Edwards and Bex Taylor-Klaus

IMDb score: 5,5 (19.254)

Releasedate: 27 September 2018

Hell Fest plot

"Fun going in. Hell getting out."

The film is set over one night during Halloween at a venue called 'Hell Fest'. Natalie and her best friend Brooke are in a park with their boyfriend Taylor. The idea is that people come here to be scared. But there is a masked killer who takes advantage of the anonymity of the many masked characters and terrorizes them all night.

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avatar van remorz


  • 1926 messages
  • 2375 votes

Yes, I thought this was very strong.

Enough to haggle. Fairly anonymous soundtrack. Too many annoying and/or exaggerated characters. Some (very) bad actors. Mainly uninspired camera work.

What this film does pick up on, among other things, is dialogue and delivery. Even the main characters aren't overflowing with charisma; There is a good chemistry between the main characters. Even if their jokes aren't funny, you can tell they think they're funny. And to be honest: I found a lot (such as the budding romance in the photo booth or the chat with the promise of Spain) credibly conceived and articulated teenage behavior.

Reactions to and interactions with the killer are also credible. Sometimes maybe a little challenging to the genre even. I found the first murder that [I can't remember her name; our protagonist] saw , no, even had to give permission for eventually, very effective but also quite unique.

The murders themselves may be largely dull, simple or (with) little (gore) portrayed; the tension hangs around it constantly and is built up effectively every time.

Both the design of the attractions and the elaborate ideas underlying them are good. Some more than others, but there has been effective thought about what a successful haunted house experience is or could be.

Ok, enough dissonances in this film and at some points there could have been more but if you open yourself to the things that Hell Fest does well, you'll notice that those are actually the most important things for a slasher like this.
And not to exonerate myself: but then it doesn't really matter what the main character's name was again. 4*

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avatar van Collins


  • 6177 messages
  • 3691 votes

The film kicks off with an uninspired kill. That doesn't really warm us up. Then follows an introductory part of the film in which the viewer gets to know the uninteresting main characters. They are the well-known caricatural American students with their well-known horrible texts. We fear the worst for the continuation.

Fortunately, those fears turned out to be unfounded. The introduction doesn't last very long and the setting moves very quickly to the titular party. And then it gets fun!

It is a beautiful setting. An abundance of sensational gloomy overwhelms the viewer. The maker has a great time in a large amusement park that is entirely devoted to Halloween. The uninteresting characters that are released in this setting don't bother you mentally anymore and the film even manages to create a nice ominous atmosphere.

The introduction of the killer in the ominous setting completes the sinister picture. Excitingly masked and without a substantive profile, he just goes on and on and, in contrast to his first murder, produces very interesting work.

The score plays an important part in the pleasant atmosphere. Sometimes loud and raw. Sometimes subdued. But always with a terrifying undertone. Together with the exciting camera work, the score is very much responsible for brushing away the annoyances caused by the flat characters.

From a narrative point of view, this slasher doesn't bring much new. The storyline is simple. Uninteresting beef cattle falls prey to a killer. Somewhat predictably, the course of the story is absolute.

But yeah, the frame is just nice. The beautiful packaging and the exciting action richly compensate for those minuses.

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avatar van Q Jones

Q Jones

  • 3343 messages
  • 2710 votes

I thought it was a very enjoyable movie. I really liked the setting of that horror park. As a result, this film rises above the average slasher for me.

The story is simple, the actors are okay. I thought the kills were cool, and the ending was also very strong. that man comes home to his child. Just very well done.

4* stars may be a bit on the high side. But I really enjoyed it.

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