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Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010)

Comedy | 112 minutes
3,26 1.945 votes

Genre: Comedy / Action

Duration: 112 minuten

Country: United States / United Kingdom / Canada / Japan

Directed by: Edgar Wright

Stars: Michael Cera, Ellen Wong and Mary Elizabeth Winstead

IMDb score: 7,6 (464.968)

Releasedate: 12 August 2010

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World plot

"Get the hot girl. Defeat her evil exes. Hit love where it hurts."

Scott Pilgrim is a 23-year-old casual soft-spoken from Toronto, where he lives with his best friend, gay Wallace Wells. Scott plays bass in his own band 'Sex Bob-Omb' and to everyone's disapproval, he dates 17-year-old Chinese Knives Chau. However, when girl Ramona V. Flowers arrives new in town, Scott is head over heels in love. But to get a date with her, he must defeat Ramona's seven evil exes.

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avatar van Alathir


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I'm going to join the flop film camp anyway. A nice attempt is made to pay tribute or tribute to various old video games such as Pac-man, Streetfighter, Earthbound and probably other references. That might make the film somehow original, but for me it doesn't arouse nostalgia, it's not funny at any point and yes Michael Cera is just a really bad actor. You might as well put a broomstick that talks. That guy doesn't have an ounce of emotion on his face.

Of course, the whole story doesn't make sense at all. Exactly as if all 7 ex's are going to get revenge on Ramona's new boyfriend. She's not that pretty, not my type at all. And Michael Cera is known here as a kind of player, who believes that? No, this movie doesn't actually have a single scene that I really started following with interest. Edgar Wright has shot better material.

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avatar van Donkerwoud


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The scary thing about growing up is that there comes a time when you suddenly see your old passions in a new light and you feel like you've outgrown them. For example, 'Scott Pilgrim vs. the World' (2010) everything I've ever found insanely important in life. From the nerdy references to classic video games, modern pop music, Japanese animation and comics. To the jubilation of an identifiable childhood love to that unattainable beauty. That one pulsating flame that made you want to be swallowed up and that was so important to boost your image. To conquer her was to be someone yourself. I'm convinced that the twenty-something I was in 2010 would feast on Scott's love triangle between banned schoolgirl Knives Chau (Ellen Wong) and the impulsive Ramona V. Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead).

But in my thirties I don't really see the appeal of having to 'dissolve' Ramona's emotional baggage by beating evil exes. I don't believe for a moment that these two young people actually share enough chemistry to form a healthy relationship. Their blinking relationship leaves hardly any room for vulnerability or softness. Ironically, Scott does go through adult development with Knives Chau, but she's the one he's trying to sidetrack. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World' (2010) confronts me with the facts that I may have changed myself. That an eclectic visual gem (rich plucking from my favorite media) is no longer enough if it remains a loud young man fantasy. Maybe I lost something somewhere in the story itself!?

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avatar van mrklm


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This highly entertaining adaptation of Bryan Lee O'Malley's comic books begins with the Universal leader as it would look and sound on a VGA PC with a Sound Blaster. Wright films the adventures of Scott Pilgrim [Michael Cera], the bassist of indie rock band Sex Bob-omb, who must defeat the seven evil exes of Ramona Flowers [Mary Elizabeth Winstead] before he can win her heart. This results in a number of stunning action scenes in which the physically unimpressive Scott competes in Mortal Kombat-like fashion against Matthew Patel [Satya Bhabha] and action movie star Lucas Lee [Chris Evans], among others. Often hilarious SF comedy beautifully combines elements from computer games with images that really seem to come straight out of a comic book. Best of all, Wright manages to bring out the plethora of characters, each and every one of them. Personal Favorites: Aubrey Plaza as the bitchy Julie Powers and Ellen Wong as the enthusiastic groupie Knives Chau. A delight for anyone with a love for old PC games and the comics.

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