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Tangled (2010)

Animation | 100 minutes
3,66 1.609 votes

Genre: Animation / Fantasy

Duration: 100 minuten

Alternative title: Rapunzel

Country: United States / Japan

Directed by: Nathan Greno and Byron Howard

Stars: Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi and Donna Murphy

IMDb score: 7,7 (489.320)

Releasedate: 24 November 2010

Tangled plot

"They're taking adventure to new lengths."

The story about Princess Rapunzel, who was stolen from her parents' palace as a baby and locked up in a hidden high tower by a witch named Mother Gothel, from which she cannot escape. Longing for adventure in her life, she dreams of leaving the tower to see where the strange lights she sees every year on her birthday come from. That adventure can finally begin when the kingdom's most handsome yet notorious criminal, Flynn Rider, passes her tower and climbs up to hide. Together they make an agreement to escape from the tower and look for the lights. Along the way, they meet many hilarious characters and experience a magical adventure.

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Rapunzel (voice)

Flynn Rider (voice)

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Stabbington Brother (voice)

Hook Hand Thug (voice)

Vlad (voice)

Captain of the Guard (voice)

Big Nose Thug (voice)

Short Thug (voice)

Young Rapunzel / Little Girl (voice)

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avatar van IH88


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“I have made the decision to trust you.”
“A horrible decision really.”

Superb animation film. Beautiful images, nice characters, lots of humor and atmospheric music. Tangled is a warm fairy tale that bursts with fun. The characters Maximus the horse and Pascal the chameleon are especially great, and Moore and Levi also know how to do a lot with their voices alone. The scene with Rapunzel and Flynn Rider in a boat on the water (with the song 'I See the Light') is unparalleled, and there are a few more scenes in it. The feel good ending is to be expected and totally deserved here.

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avatar van Ebenezer Scrooge

Ebenezer Scrooge

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Disney going back to its hair roots.

Always thought it was so strange that this film is called 'Rapunzel' in Dutch and not just 'Raponsje', as if people didn't think that was cool enough or something... Until I discovered that the fairy tale is also called 'Rapunzel' here (not on its own). pronounced in English, but the Dutch way). Never known. In the Efteling the fairy tale is called 'Raponsje', which I think sounds a lot more authentic. The English title 'Tangled' is nice in itself, it has a double meaning and sounds more like a western than a fairy tale, which in turn refers to a few western-like elements in the film.

Very nicely drawn, detailed too, especially the hair. Impressive scene when the dam breaks.

The old Disney ingredients are present again: the songs, the beautiful maiden, the evil stepmother, the prince on the white horse. With his funny facial expressions, the horse Maximus is one of the coolest sidekicks from the Disney stable ever.

Fairy tales are known for their symbolism, their double layers, often with sexual undertones. At Disney, especially the latter is skilfully filtered out; storylines are adapted or even omitted so that it is all suitable for the delicate child's soul. At one point, the stepmother does indeed have scissors in her hand, a phallus symbol, but compared to the original fairy tales it is all meager soup.

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avatar van Boneka


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I've read a lot about it, but never seen it. But what a pleasant surprise this Disney movie is! From start to finish, Rapunzel, also known as Tangled, is a delightful fairy tale. And not only the main characters, because the rest is nicely drawn. The chameleon and that funny horse. We see a lot of fun moments passing and everything doesn't feel forced. The story flows well, is well put together and also shows a lot. The songs often a bit musical (never really my thing) don't show the overtone luckily and there are also some normal songs in which the bar song is made very nice. That also applies to all the Vikings in there. The race underground, the water, the lanterns, it's all fun and much more fun than a Frozen. Also find Rapunzel good for a wide audience. The end is also well brought and certainly doesn't feel forced hasty, which often happens in fairy tales. Rapunzel is now one of my favorite fairy tales!!!

Movie 4.0

Image 4.5

Sound 4.5

Extras 3.0

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