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Doctor Doom actor discusses a possible RETURN for Marvel
Photo: © ANP

Doctor Doom actor discusses a possible RETURN for Marvel

Doctor Doom actor discusses a possible RETURN for Marvel
Photo: © ANP

Toby Kebbell has responded to questions regarding a potential return as Doctor Doom in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

There have been three Fantastic Four movies over the last 20 years - Fantastic Four, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer and the Fantastic Four reboot in 2015.

None of them are viewed with much love from fans of the comic book series, while the 2015 reboot was a major flop.

In it, Kebbell played the major villain Doctor Doom, and he reckons the failures of that movie will result in him not featuring as the character again.

"Listen, I’d be on it. Marvel has turned a huge corner in how they’ve made things work," the actor told The Digital Fix.

"I know some fans may not always feel this way. But in the privacy of Newark, in England, where I used to read comics with my older brothers, Guardians of the Galaxy was not like the movie they gave us. No one was like ‘Damn, gotta get the new Guardians of the Galaxy and see what that squirrel is doing.’ But they turned it into a fantastic film. I hope they do the same with Fantastic Four.

"I think I touched it and I failed. So I think they have to let me walk out of it. That’s how I personally feel – if someone tried and they didn’t succeed, I don’t know why . I mean, I don’t know. You listen to Lil’ Wayne’s first album, which is not brilliant. And he got better. So maybe, I don’t know."

Fantastic Four in the MCU

In 2019, the rights for Fantastic Four were transferred from Fox to Disney, which led to speculation that the group will soon feature in the Marvel Cinematic Universe alongside the likes of the X-Men and Deadpool.

Jon Watts was initially announced as director, but soon stepped away from the chair after expressing a desire to leave superhero movies for a while after working on Tom Holland's Spider-Man trilogy.

The new Fantastic Four will be released in February of 2025 as the first movie of the MCU's Phase Six, with Matt Shakman directing.

There have been no announcements yet as to who will play Reed Richards, Susan Storm, Johnny Storm or Ben Grimm.

John Krasinski played Reed Richards in a cameo in Doctor Stranger in the Multiverse of Madness, but he has since expressed doubt that he could return.

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