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Deliria (1987)

Horror | 90 minutes
3,22 111 votes

Genre: Horror

Duration: 90 minuten

Alternative titles: Stage Fright / StageFright: Aquarius / Bloody Bird / Sound Stage Massacre

Country: Italy

Directed by: Michele Soavi

Stars: David Brandon, Barbara Cupisti and Domenico Fiore

IMDb score: 6,6 (9.263)

Releasedate: 8 February 1987

Deliria plot

"The theatre of death."

The rehearsal of a quirky musical about a serial killer takes a morbid turn when an employee is murdered by an escaped psychopath. The director decides to rename his fictional killer into the real killer, hoping to get a piece of the media attention. However, the psychopath still lurks in the theater.

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avatar van wendyvortex


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The beginning is a bit of a bite, with musical numbers, backstage backbiting and that terrible director, but as soon as our theater company is joined by the escaped psychopath, we still get a nice 80's slasher to choose from.

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avatar van Shadowed


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Always nice when you can cast the 100th vote, but with a figure that lowers the average. I didn't find Stage Fright anywhere above the average slashers. It does take place in a fairly unique setting to at least give it a special layer.

I don't have much good to say about this slasher though. As with a lot of other slashers, the acting and writing is very substandard. Some coins seem to have been saved up for this, so here it is extra annoying, but also the twists and other elements in the story can no longer be called original even for that time.

That mask that the killer wears does have a certain appearance, but after a while I found it all a bit clumsy. The further the film progresses, the more the mask starts to feel like a random object that the person has put on their head instead of a genuinely creepy apparition.

Kills are more bloody compared to other slashers, but ultimately fairly transparent in terms of effects. It follows the well-known formula where an object is stuck off-screen into someone's body part and then a large clot of blood splashes on the wall. Then a fake arm or fake leg falls to the ground. A little too simple and familiar.

Furthermore, some special shots and nicely put together scenes, but no tension and little charm. In terms of look, it is slightly better than other old slashers, but I did not find it very special. Probably a very charming slasher for its time, but for me not much more than a slightly more explicit 80s slasher.

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avatar van Bobbejaantje


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Wonderfully lavish slasher. Theatrical in every way. It is a nice fact that they play with reality on & off stage. The production on stage looks nice and cheap. That saxophone playing Marilyn Monroe lookalike: hilarious. Here and there the events should be taken with a grain of salt, but it always remains exciting. A touch of humor is never far away, and fortunately that is not to the detriment of the tension. Those 2 cops in front of the door who are a bit peppi and coci: great. I was also able to detect some implicit and explicit gay subtexts. Visually, this slasher is a pleasure to watch with successful pov's, close-ups, tight editing. Supported by an excellent soundtrack on & off stage and a top setting. The actors are absorbed in what they have to do.

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