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Christmas in July (1940)

Comedy | 67 minutes
3,30 48 votes

Genre: Comedy / Romance

Duration: 67 minuten

Country: United States

Directed by: Preston Sturges

Stars: Dick Powell, Ellen Drew and Raymond Walburn

IMDb score: 7,4 (4.276)

Releasedate: 25 October 1940


This movie is not available on US streaming services.


Christmas in July plot

"If you can't sleep at night, it isn't the coffee - it's the bunk!"

Jimmy, an office clerk, enters many raffles and contests in hopes of winning a fortune so he can marry Betty, the girl of his dreams. His latest attempt is to write a slogan for a local coffee company offering $25,000 to the winner. As a joke, some of his colleagues send a fake telegram stating that he has won the top prize. In anticipation of receiving the money, Jimmy is already making purchases for the whole family and he proposes to Betty. When the truth comes out, Jimmy is unprepared for the consequences.

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avatar van BBarbie


  • 12893 messages
  • 7674 votes

Of the seven Preston Sturges films I've seen so far, this story about a gambler and greed joke that got out of hand is by far the weakest in my opinion. As Ramon K rightly points out, a rather corny story that rarely gets funny. In addition, the Powell-Drew duo lacks charisma. Sturges has made much better films (“Sullivan's Travels”, “The Miracle of Morgan's Creek”). Mediocre.

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avatar van cinemanukerke


  • 1201 messages
  • 763 votes

One-liners (judgment those people – who do you think you are ? Hitler ? --- detail: film is from 1940 ! ) are worth their weight in gold and the hilarious scenes between the 3 powers (common man, industrialist and commercial) are comedy of the highest order. shelf. So we get a sharp satire on capitalism and the business world and a romantic comedy in which 'money can make you happy' is clearly suggested. Perhaps a little too much for apparent light-hearted comedy. Watch the last 10 minutes. Sturges deals a sincere blow to his naive characters. In the end, thanks to Drew's inspired speech, Powell does get his chance for happiness/money, but - and that's Sturges' venom now - he doesn't believe in it because he didn't win the game. But Sturges goes further. Epilogue: In the end, they pick a winner and that's… Powell but I suspect he'll never know. Then there is 'the black cat'. According to Drew a few scenes before that : goodluck or badluck – it depends what follows after ... Sturges is perhaps too subtle here to let this grande finale shine. I want to mention one more scene : the well written scene on the roof in the beginning of the film where the dream on money the couple break up almost arguingly but make up at the last minute (through continuous goodnight...goodnight... repeat goodnight). Nice moment.

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avatar van Bobbejaantje


  • 1871 messages
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Strange situations when the jury contacts the winner of a contest in its own name without knowing the manager/money lender. Because that's the premise of this movie. Other than that, quite entertaining with no real outliers. A typical American story that is grafted on the superlative success in life with matching salary, trousseau and the right girl.

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