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Sobibor (2018)

War | 110 minutes
3,32 301 votes

Genre: War / Drama

Duration: 110 minuten

Alternative title: Собибор

Country: Russia / Germany / Lithuania / Poland

Directed by: Konstantin Khabenskiy

Stars: Konstantin Khabenskiy, Christopher Lambert and Mariya Kozhevnikova

IMDb score: 6,4 (5.760)

Releasedate: 3 May 2018

Sobibor plot

"Based On a True Story That Changed The World"

"Sobibor" tells the true story of the uprising in the Sobibór extermination camp during World War II and the Soviet officer Alexander Pechersky. While a prisoner of war in Sobibor, he managed to do the impossible - to organize an uprising and mass escape of the prisoners. Some of the escapees were later captured and died - the rest led by Pechersky managed to escape and joined the partisans.

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avatar van knusse stoel

knusse stoel

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Great film about a not-so-nice subject in German history. After the first world war, which was caused by the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie Chotek, the country caused a second world war by wrong political choices.

In "Sobibor" we are introduced to the Soviet officer Alexander Pechersky who was transported here by the Germans after a failed outbreak in Minsk. Alexander is a proud man who does not accept that he is a prisoner of war and tries to escape here again. Dangerous, very dangerous because in the event of an outbreak or any other form of resistance against the Germans, the penalty here was the shooting of every 10th man in a row! And that is why there was also a danger that prisoners could tell the plans to the Germans because they were of course afraid for their lives. In my memory I cannot find another film on this subject that so clearly showed the sadism of the SS officers.

Especially the scene with the party for other officers from outside, where "horse-carriage" competitions were held, shows this clearly! DISGUSTING!

A moving and also very impressive film in which the setting, actors and story are very good.

Hence my 8!

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avatar van Shadowed


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Had seen Sobibor as the title in the cinema, but I can't remember that it was really a film that particularly appealed to me. Then just wait until the film comes along on a free film service, and when this finally happened, the film was set up. I think I can be glad I dodged the movie on the big screen.

Yet it also has its strong elements, such as the visual layout. A lot of effort is put into making the film as authentic as possible. That there are not too many cents is clear from the fact that the film takes place on a small scale, but it is well presented. Nice filters combined with a nice focus on the environment. On that basis, the film had received a pass.

I only get the feeling that the film just wanted to imitate Hollywood. So many different characters are introduced, but none of them are really interesting. The better sentiment comes mainly from the directing, not from the acting. After a while I couldn't keep the heads apart anymore. Also thought they were quite similar in character. So not good.

However, where it finally goes wrong is in the director's chair with regard to the sound. During the finale, which is quite strong, a soundtrack is thrown on top that makes it all seem affective. On the other hand, there is a gripping story that needs to get going. It is mainly the many irritating elements on a substantive level that affect the film too much to squeeze a sufficient amount out of me.

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avatar van Jeetje


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This movie made a big impression on me.

Also very well played.

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