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In Hell (2003)

Action | 96 minutes
3,13 381 votes

Genre: Action / Thriller

Duration: 96 minuten

Alternative titles: The Savage / Hell

Country: United States

Directed by: Ringo Lam

Stars: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Michael Bailey Smith and Marnie Alton

IMDb score: 6,1 (21.157)

Releasedate: 24 November 2003

In Hell plot

"Rage unleashed."

Engineer Kyle Lord kills the man who killed his wife and ends up in a tough prison where the warden organizes competitions among the inmates. The prison houses the worst criminals in all of Russia. By participating in those battles, Kyle slowly descends to the level of the monsters he despises. It's up to Kyle to find herself again and get revenge!

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avatar van scorsese


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Disappointing film in which a man ends up in a heavy prison where they fight to the death. The film starts with a standard story, but gradually becomes more incoherent. A few brutal moments during the fight scenes that quickly become monotonous.

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avatar van Onderhond


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Ringo Lam is trying to set up his prison drama outside of Hong Kong. I wasn't a big fan of those movies before, but this is a very poor attempt. In Hell, nothing more than some cheesy action frut, with some failed attempts to make it more serious.

There isn't much room for some fun, that's not really Lam's style of course. But you really can't make a good film with a look of dismal actors, a very basic plot and tame action scenes. Especially not when Lam tries to weave in some more poetic moments.

It's all way, way too serious for what it is. Clumsy action food that serves at most as shelf filling. Hong Kong directors have always had a hard time getting anything done outside of HK, Lam is just another one to go under on the international stage.


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avatar van T8T


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Seen somewhere vague on TV on such an evening that you want to see something. A long time ago, that feature film that had been going on for a while on TV fascinated me.

I'm not a die hard movie guzzler, but every now and then a good movie is welcome.

I present myself as The layman.

After all these years I had to see that movie in its entirety, so I bought the DVD after the on-demand services don't have it.

Because I'm quite politically interested in all those ideological things, and especially a car freak who loves Lada, but also Lamborghinis and Bugattis, Trabant and Tatra, I had to see this film.

Jean Claude van Damme is certainly a top actor who fights without frills, without fuss, and with a mission, to survive.

Just like Stallone a good action hero fighting against injustice.

There he is, in a barren jail in the former Soviet Union. Get out of there, so take a look.

I got my cars, and luckily he managed to escape in a Volga of corrupt and criminal prison wardens.

Now that I've seen the entire feature, I have to say, I got what I wanted.

The story must be set sometime before 1983, or as the feature film suggests sometime in 1990, because the prison was closed.

But yes, if you escape from such a barren jail, the question is whether you can still be normal about this.

Many veterans suffer from poor sleep, so let's hope Kyle can forget or process his bad experiences.

That's why Prisoner No. 431 said that his place and life is the barren jail.

Enjoyed this feature film, and would like to see the other movies with the muscles of Brussels in them too. Jean Claude van Damme, very good actor.

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