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Vredens Dag (1943)

Drama | 97 minutes
3,75 119 votes

Genre: Drama

Duration: 97 minuten

Alternative title: Day of Wrath

Country: Denmark

Directed by: Carl Theodor Dreyer

Stars: Thorkild Roose, Lisbeth Movin and Sigrid Neiiendam

IMDb score: 8,1 (10.989)

Releasedate: 13 November 1943


Vredens Dag plot

"A Drama of Fear and Superstition in the 20th Century"

In a 17th century Danish village, a woman is arrested for being a witch. After being tortured, she confesses to the charges, and is then burned at the stake. Meanwhile, the young, second wife of the village vicar has fallen in love with his son from a previous marriage. One night she tells this to her husband, and it leads to his death. When the pastor is buried, his mother stands up and accuses the young woman of witchcraft.

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Actors and actresses

Rev. Absalon Pederssøn (uncredited)

Anne Pedersdotter, Absalon's Second Wife (uncredited)

Martin, Absalon's Son from First Marriage (uncredited)

Merete, Absalon's Mother (uncredited)

Herlofs Marte (uncredited)

The Bishop (uncredited)

Laurentius (uncredited)

Degn (uncredited)


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avatar van Movsin


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Thanks to those who recently put this film in the Top 1000, because they are thus reminded of this work by Carl Theodor Dreyer.
After "Master of the House", "Ordet" and "La Passion de Jeanne D'Arc" are the fourth film I see and in my opinion the best by a small margin.
A beautiful film, with stylish black and white image compositions, several impressive scenes, even heartbreaking such as the assessment and condemnation of that old woman, and excellent, very expressive acting performances across the board.
Life in the 17th century: faith and superstition, alleged witchcraft and especially the dominance of the church (disconcerting to see how the choir had to prepare a new text for a burning and the hypocritical way in which the burning was subsequently mentioned in the writings described as "happily") Dreyer brings it all into a fascinating piece.

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avatar van Fisico

Fisico (moderator films)

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Very nice visually strong film from the old Danish box. My first Dreyer and I think more will follow soon. The whole witch persecution runs like a thread through the film. It starts and ends with the ominous and ruthless genericism of some book/pamphlet. But the persecution of that lady also immediately set the tone and showed that we were in an era where the persecution of alleged witches was part of the religious culture.

This framing was important to unfold the actual plot in which infidelity is central. That is of course the case if you prefer young leaves. Then it is not inconceivable that even your own flesh and blood will get away with it.

More than excellent acting and beautiful black-and-white compositions characterize the film. All very stylishly executed. The entire film exudes an uneasy menace that had to be expressed at the end. Nice!

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avatar van Vascago


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I was searching on Google for movies with Witchcraft in them. I just love Occult. Especially occult horror. I had never heard of this film and director. I thought it was quite strong. Especially for a film from 1943, because normally I'm not a fan of that at all. I usually find it much too slow and wooden. But that was not the case with this film at all. I thought the chilly atmosphere was very striking and the acting was mostly strong. I especially liked the son and his mother. If you can combine that, as here, with a strong story and a very good last fifteen minutes, then you have a small masterpiece.

Quickly look up some other films by this man.

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